Meet Final Term, fancy full-of-features terminal (work in progress)

Traditionally, the terminal features a spartan interface with powerful command capabilities, allowing users to manage operating systems via a direct text-based experience.

Final Term is a definitely interesting terminal emulator that takes the terminal metaphor to a superior, modern and innovative ground.

Essentially, Final Term adds into a terminal multiple and diverse functionalities, enriching the command-line utility with fancy additions, while rooted in both good-looks and usefulness.

Among its features, there are:

  • command completion with filled-with-commands drop-down dialog (from where the user can select suggested commands/parameters)
  • powerful keybinding support
  • default support for 8 / 16 / 256 colors
  • designed in mind with Linux, being written 100% in Vala, thus running natively on Ubuntu

Launching Final Term, one is to immediately notice a bundle of powerful capabilities, such as:

  • lazy scroll (scrolling through exposed items is performed with a pleasant lazy effect)
  • ability to collapse and expand commands directly inside the terminal (like for example, typing top inside Final Term, displays the top command, clicking on its related arrow pointer, collapses and expands,--when clicked on again--, the top command)
  • transparency support with predefined transparency levels (including 10%, 40%, 100%)
  • significant number of default themes (such as Mocha, Solarized, Monokai, etc)
  • accurate view resize (typing a command, while the terminal is in its default window size, presents the command, resizing the window, automatically resizes the displayed text,--text now properly filling its view--)
  • ability to perform relevant actions via inside-the-terminal dialogs (clicking on an item, exposes its menu where delete, cat, copy, etc, commands are 1-click away available)

The Final Term's code is available on https://github.com/p-e-w/finalterm

Worth mentioning
At the moment, Final Term is a work in progress.