Meet Everpad, Evernote Unity lens-enabled desktop-integrated client (PPA available)

Living a daily busy life, tends to constantly add thoughts, ideas, creative insights, movies to watch, groceries to buy, etc, basically "stuff" labeled as to do, approach sometimes helped by quick notes, that are to keep interesting things "stored" for later use.
Using notes is a phenomena heavily met across the internets, process usually categorized in locally based note taking utilities and online based note taking tools (such as Fetchnotes), latter approach benefiting the multi-platform multi-form-factor advantages, while dependent on an active Internet connection.

Everpad is an exciting note taking application, presenting itself as a bridge between the widely known and used online Evernote and the Ubuntu desktop, basically allowing users to utilize Evernote's power from an integrated desktop application.

Everpad's usage is to be performed via its appindicator, where Create Note is located, as well as the already created notes.

After the actual installation, Everpad must be authorized, action to be accomplished by launching Everpad via the Dash (by typing everpad in Dash's search area), latter action that summons its appindicator; by clicking Authorisation a specific webpage is opened, where the user is to enter the required account details.

Setting the account, "faces" the user with creating new notes, activity to be achieved by simply clicking the Create Note and typing the desired content; in order to save a note, the top-right "cog" icon must be clicked and the notebook must be selected (like for instance, user's notebook), furthermore, Everpad supports, in its creation dialog, tags writable via its bottom-right corner.

The note creation dialog is simplistic yet packed with relevant functionalities, such as Save, Close without saving, Remove note, Cut, Copy, Paste, basically, a clean easily graspable area.

The mentioned creation notes method is done locally (on the desktop), yet Everpad features the ability to display and access notes created directly from inside Evernote (the webpage), meaning, navigating via a web-browser to one's Evernote account and creating notes, pushes the inside-web-browser created notes into Everpad's appindicator.

A definitely exciting thing is Everpad's dedicated Unity lens (installed and enabled by default), that gathers, manages, categorizes and displays notes.

Taking advantage of the fancy card view, Unity Everpad lens properly displays the notes with clear titles and Evernote-specific icons, "beauty" backed by the provided filters, Notebooks (housing notebooks, the "parent" category of numerous created notes) and Tags (exposing user's tags, clicking on a tag, filters and removes the unmatched notes).

Unity integration is definitely an aspect taken in consideration by Everpad, along with the appindicator and the handy Unity lens, the useful utility comes with an enhanced Unity quicklist, allowing users to easily launch Create Note via its Unity launcher quicklist.

How do we install Everpad 1.0.2?
Add the following PPA (Oneiric, Precise, Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install everpad python-oauth2

Worth mentioning
In order to utilize the lens, a computer restart is required.