Mass Effect's Sam Hulick, professional music writer: "I'd love to contribute a new startup sound (or sounds) to be included in 14.04 LTS"

Years ago, the developers announced the work on creating a sound theme for Ubuntu, theme planned (at that moment) to be included in upcoming versions of Ubuntu, development efforts postponed yet not fully abandoned.

It seems that Ubuntu continues to attract more and more celebrities, ranging from showbiz to the IT world, moreover, famous people interested in contributing to Ubuntu.

Sam Hulick, the professional musician who worked on the globally-known Mass Effect game, sent a definitely exciting email to Ubuntu's official mailing list, expressing his clear intention of creating a new sound theme for the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

The email looks interesting and full-of-potential, having the capacity of aligning Ubuntu to a professional modern sound experience: "My name is Sam Hulick, and I've been writing music for ten years professionally, and longer than that experimentally. ;) I'm most known for my work on the Mass Effect video game trilogy, but have several other game credits as well as some film work (most recently a PBS documentary). As it happens, I'm also a huge Ubuntu fan (writing right now from a ThinkPad S431 running 13.04!). I'd love to contribute a new startup sound (or sounds) to be included in 14.04 LTS".

As seen in the above quote, Sam Hulick himself is a "huge Ubuntu fan" who uses Ubuntu 13.04, while coming with a producing-sounds intention rooted in seriousness and immediacy: "If anyone could put me in touch with the proper person, I'd appreciate it!".

After politely questioned about his true or false identity (like for example, being impersonated by another person), the professional music writer posted the "I 3 you guys!" message on his Twitter account, message replied to @ubuntu, irrevocably proving the genuine nature of his email.