Mass Effect's Sam Hulick created Sam's Song, song implemented by default in Ubuntu Touch Sounds

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Weeks ago, the professional musician Sam Hulick, known for globally-appreciated projects (including Mass Effect), sent an exciting email to Ubuntu's official mailing list, expressing a clear intention of creating sounds for Ubuntu.

It is now crystal clear that the mentioned email was rooted in seriousness, statement sustained by Sam's Song, a new song landed in Ubuntu Touch Sounds by default.

Basically, Sam's Song(.ogg) is a newly-implemented ringtone under the ringtone category of sounds of Ubuntu Touch, song increasing the number of default songs to 20 songs, songs to be used per-one's likeness for ringtones in Ubuntu Touch.

Listening to Sam's Song, one is to notice calm and elegance, the sound takes the ear to higher peaks and gradually diminishes the rhythm to close the quiet-yet-vivid pattern, setting a natural gap of silence contrasting with its bold start.

The sound is to catch the ear immediately in real-life scenarios (phone ringing) due to its sharpness and capacity to distinguish itself from regular music-like tones, directly communicating with one's brain, while non-disturbing the environment with disordered lows and downs.

Sam's Song is available for download on http://ubuntuone.com/4QGZfTMdpb5IcK79tu8SFu

Ubuntu Touch Sounds (all sounds, including Sam's Song) can be download on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/ubuntu-touch-sounds...