Mark Shuttleworth awarded by Forbes with "Disruptor in Computing 2013"

Along with Ubuntu TV, Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets enriched Ubuntu's available interfaces, pushing the powerful operating system on TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktops, essentially, making Ubuntu available on all relevant devices.

The mentioned availability has been (and it is being) developed under the publicly-announced converged experience, where Ubuntu is capable of both running on numerous and diverse form factors and shifting from one device to another, as in the case of a docked smartphone that, after connected to a monitor and a keyboard, acts as a full-fledged desktop.

Ubuntu set a standard in the Linux world of constantly embracing innovative yet bold decisions, among which the recently-announced converged vision, bold strategy led by Mark Shuttleworth.

The famous Forbes magazine published the list of selected disruptors for 2013, choosing Mark Shuttleworth as 2013's Computing Disruptor, magazine identifying the penetration and serious effect that Ubuntu's converged vision managed by Mark Shuttleworth has produced in the world, Ubuntu that "can turn your tablet, laptop, smartphone or television into one connected system" and therefore is "in direct competition with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android and with Microsoft".

According to Forbes, the term "disruptor" is used with the meaning of "people shaking up their fields most dramatically".