Mark Shuttleworth announced at UDS-P Unity's future goals: tablets, phones, TVs and smart screens

Mark Shuttleworth

UDS-P has started today and will continue until November 4th 2011, presenting itself as a busy week were concomitant lectures/talks/keynotes are looked seriously in order to draw Ubuntu 12.04's future developmental map.

Being already a custom, UDS(-P) starts with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote, that brings interesting news and steps to be followed in the not-so-near future.
The most important aspect of his keynote is where Ubuntu will land in terms of devices, places to be used and new ways to be handled and accessed.

Unity shell has already gained a decent history in Ubuntu, but the actual naming, "Unity", hasn't been fully explained/understood until now.

"This was the origin of the name Unity – a single core interface framework, that scales across all screens, and supports all toolkits", while the Unity interface is machine-shaped, but the core will mainly be the same.
Obviously, the users will benefit Unity's strengths, stability, eye-candy, maturity (gained in years of developmental), notoriety via a probably slightly device-modified interface.

This approach is to generate "a world where Ubuntu runs on mobile phones, tablets, televisions and traditional PC’s, creating a world where content is instantly available on all devices, in a form that is delightful to use".

The desktop will not be ditched, nor put on higher grounds, the Unity interface "will work equally well in mouse, keyboard or stylus-driven environments".

Mark Shuttleworth touched Ubuntu One's "attitude", and recognized Ubuntu One for Windows as a strength, marking Ubuntu as wiling "to play nice with others".

This Unity conquering the world will not happen soon, "by 14.04 LTS Ubuntu will power tablets, phones, TVs and smart screens from the car to the office kitchen".