LiveWallpaper 0.3 adds full appindicator support, fixes and handy how-to-write-animated-walls documentation

LiveWallpaper is an interesting utility, that presents the user an animated OpenGL desktop wallpaper, animated wall designed with replacing the "flat" desktop image with an eyecandy animation in mind.

Launching LiveWallpaper pushes its appindicator on the Unity panel (top bar), appindicator housing relevant actions and preferences.

LiveWallpaper 0.3 has been released, further refining its offered features, including the ability to enable/disable the animated wall (by checking/unchecking LiveWallpaper appindicator-->LiveWallpaper), as well as directly changing the running animated walls (by simply selecting a desired wallpaper under its appinidcator menu), thus bringing a highly-relevant (as opposed to the "old" approach of changing walls from its preferences dialog) functionality to the fancy animated utility.

LiveWallpaper comes with numerous tweakable configuration options, meaning, along with an overall tweakability (applicable to both Galaxy and Nexus), the user is able to in-depth set the wall:

Galaxy features

  • Number of stars (the number of all stars displayed on the screen, the lower the number, the better the performance, approach usable for low-spec computers)
  • Galaxy Light (presenting an easy-to-use manner of adding a color-wise personal touch to it)
  • under Move, Rotate and Zoom, Zoom is to be used for properly fitting the wall into the screen (especially on higher resolution screens, where Galaxy may look small-sized)

Nexus features

  • Number of pulses represents the number of all the rendered lines, aspect that can be paired with tweaking their size, length, delay
  • Appearance presents itself as a category containing used colors (including glow types, such as radial, square, spiral)

LiveWallpaper 0.3 features (at the moment) two default wallpapers, yet, the LiveWallpaper developers have created an in-depth documentation, suitable for both creating and understanding LiveWallpaper's "internals".

How do we install LiveWallpaper 0.3?
Add the following stable PPA (Precise, Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fyrmir/livewallpaper-stable

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install livewallpaper livewallpaper-config livewallpaper-indicator

in order to install the mentioned documentation

sudo apt-get install devhelp livewallpaper-doc

Accessing the how-to-write-a-livewallpaper-wallpaper is as simple as opening DevHelp (via the Dash, by typing devhelp in the search area) and navigating to livewallpaper-core Reference Manual.