Lightworks for Linux 11.5 BETA released with numerous new features and improvements

Lightworks is a professional video editor aimed at complex video-editing flows, yet, being accessible and usable for regular users, too, video editor allowing both common video editing (such as cutting off the ending of a clip and exporting it as a 1080p clip) and Oscar movies-like experiences.

Lightworks 11.5 A BETA was released, version introducing a significant amount of new features, optimizations and refinements, among which AC3 audio decode support, background export, improved playback controls, enhanced media handling, as well as numerous fixes and enhancements.

Moreover, on the user-visible side, the new 11.5 BETA version takes the powerful video editor to a superior level, adding long-awaited features.

Launching Lightworks 11.5 BETA, the user is to notice the Auto value in the Frame rate entry, auto value allowing the user to easily import clips without previously checking their frame rates, frame rates now automatically detected.

Meaning, the Auto value is able to load a video-clip with, for example, 25 frames, therefore, removing the now-old requirement for the user to check the frame rate of the clip (25) and to select 25 frame rates under Frame rate, essentially, the mentioned feature significantly eases the user's ability to import clips into Lightworks.

The new Lightworks adopts a subtly-refreshed color, being shifted from a blue-ish color to a dark color, latter emanating elegance and a more pleasant look & feel, color used on all elements and views.

A definitely exciting feature of Lightworks 11.5 BETA is its export panel, panel housing now relevant more-optimized entries, while removing unnecessary entries; exporting now a clip, the user is to notice the properly-categorized Size dialog where 1280x720, 1920x1080, 420x240, 640x360, 854x480 are 1-click away available.

In the mentioned panel, the new 11.5 BETA release integrates now YouTube support, allowing the user to export clips to YouTube after entering one's account details.

Eyecandy is an attribute of Lightworks 11.5 BETA, quality imprinted in the export-as dialog, exporting a clip, the user is to be delighted by the new dialog featuring a completely-redesigned look & feel, dialog incorporated now into the top-left area and being presented as a menu of the previously-created project, as opposed to the old stand-alone window, new dialog featuring details about audio, video, media, etc, as well as a thin progress bar.

"Today we are releasing the first Public Beta version of Lightworks 11.5 on both Windows and Linux! 11.5 is the next major release of Lightworks and represents the stepping stone to version 12 which will be Windows, Linux and Mac. This latest Beta build is a huge step on from version 11.1.1".

Lightworks for Linux 11.5 BETA is available for download on http://www.lwks.com/beta-linux