LightDM's Unity greeter receives fancy polished look and feel (Oneiric Ocelot)

Oneiric Ocelot's default display manager, LightDM, has "suffered" a new redesign weeks ago, receiving an Unity-like theming.

Just now, new updates have landed in Oneiric adding more fancy-ness and polish to LightDM (Unity Greeter), transforming the login screen into an enjoyable experience that clearly aims towards consistency (same colors, textures, transparency, icons as the overall Unity look and feel).

What is new in LightDM 0.9.3?

  • the panel is transparent (could in the near future borrow Unity's chameleonic behavior)
  • LightDM's "dash" has received a dark/gray rounded border
  • new redesigned icon ("Cog")
  • the white-ish typing area is bigger and features new bigger redesigned asterisks
  • new text placements (your computer's name is now situated on the very top-left corner on the same "line" with the appindicators)