LightDM's Unity greeter has landed in Ubuntu 12.04 with user-specific wallpaper, bullets and more

One of the numerous Ubuntu's innovations is LightDM, a fancy interface that brings a high-quality login experience backed by accessibility features and indicators support.

The login experience is made available via a greeter, Unity greeter, which has just been updated to 0.2 version, transforming last-weeks' mockups into real code and adding consistent freshness:

  • Unity greeter borrows now user's default wallpaper, thus at login the default wallpaper will be displayed, creating a "continuous" effect when shifting from login to desktop
  • improved scrolling animation with per-user-specific background, meaning when scrolling between various accounts, the greeter will display their respective wallpapers
  • improved Ubuntu's screen-reader Orca handling
  • new keyboard indicator in the panel with support for choosing languages directly from inside the greater session
  • updated logo, Ubuntu 12.04
  • when typing passwords, the asterisks have been changed with bullets, due to the consistency across applications (numerous Ubuntu apps use bullets on password dialogs)
  • darker top panel
  • changed scrolling behavior, featuring an ending point, removing the indefinite scrolling
  • rearranged centered dots
  • improved menubar selection via the F10 key
  • option to disable dots, open a terminal and type

    gksu gedit /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf

    then change draw-grid=true to draw-grid=false