LibreOffice Writer removes the since-2003 16-bit limit for paragraphs

It has become nowadays natural to use LibreOffice, normality coming instantly in the user's mind when seeking a no-compromise, powerful and fully-open office suite, LibreOffice being at least equal to its proprietary counterparts.

LibreOffice's Caolan McNamara published an interesting article, announcing the long-paragraphs support for LibreOffice Writer, essentially, enabling in Writer the ability to have paragraphs featuring more than 65535 characters.

Meaning, Writer is to be capable to display, for example, more than 100,000 characters into a single paragraph, removal of limitation considerably improving various file compatibilities and usage cases: for example, Writer is to be able to more accurately import various files with massive paragraphs (not splitting anymore the paragraph in two, three, etc, smaller paragraphs for compatibility), the user can record certain activities per paragraph,--activities expressing verbatim specific actions--, etc.

The mentioned bug has been existing since 2003 (in OpenOffice), bug-fixing finally removing the of-the-past 16-bit limit and adding yet-another layer of modernism to the powerful LibreOffice.

The new feature has been pushed in the in-development LibreOffice 4.3, therefore, the user is to enjoy the new feature in the upcoming future.