LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC 1 released with new mimetype icons and bug fixes

On 25 January, The Document Foundation released LibreOffice 3.3. Not even a month after, this creative, hardworking team has released LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC 1, which is the first in a series of frequent bugfix releases on top of LibreOffice 3.3 (the stable, current version).

"Please be aware that LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC1 is not yet ready for production
use, you should continue to use LibreOffice for that"

What is new in LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC 1:

  • new gorgeous mimetype icons
    As you may have noticed, the 3.3 version don't have new mimetype icons (for presentations, .odt files, databases, etc). The icons are just beautiful, well done, serious and full with the new LibreOffice branding.
    The interesting part is that this icons already suffered some improvement even if were not actually included.
  • many translations updates
  • crasher fixes
  • numerous bug fixes
  • extra dictionaries
  • removed old/unmaintained icon themes

If you find any bugs, just report them to the FreeDesktop Bugzilla.

The Document Foundation team has also published a release plan (includes the future features, too) for LibreOffice:

  • 3.3.1
    critical bug fixes, new file-type icons, and l10n improvements
    February 7th - 3.3.1 RC1 (a + few days here)
    February 14th - 3.3.1 final
  • 3.3.2
    only critical bug fixes and l10n improvements
    March 7th 3.3.2 RC 1
    March 14th 3.3.2 final
  • 3.4.0
    pending work from the master development branch
    March 21st - Hard feature freeze & branch libreoffice-3-4
    Betas released each week from here
    April 4th - English string + UI freeze
    RCs released each week from here
    April 18th - Hard code freeze & branch libreoffice-3-4-0
    May 2nd - Release 3.4.0
  • 3.4.1
    May 16th 3.4.1 RC 1
    May 23rd 3.4.1 final

If you want to test LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC 1, download it from here and see our previous article for manual installation how-to.