Learn to package HTML5 games via Ubuntu SDK with freshman-friendly tutorial

The next-generation Ubuntu comes with a dedicated SDK, Ubuntu SDK permitting the creation of both complex and lightweight applications for several form factors, needs and demands.

HTML5 is, along with Qt/QML, a first class citizen in Ubuntu's development kit, allowing developers to develop a wide range of application types ranging from converters and players to web applications and games.

The third-party developer Adnane Belmadiaf has put together a simplistic, basic yet explanatory manner of approaching HTML5 software with Ubuntu SDK, presenting a clear step-by-step tutorial on how to package an HTML5 game.

The tutorial is interesting and insightful, showing how a third-party developer has seen an HTML5 game on the web and, after liking the game, started to package the game by utilizing the more and more powerful Ubuntu SDK.

Creating an HTML5 Touch UI project, dealing with issues and the actual code are paired with the click-package creation and with references related to where to upload the application.

The easily-graspable newcomer-friendly tutorial is available on http://daker.me/2013/10/package-your-webapp-for-ubuntu-touch.html