Jane Silber, Canonical CEO: We are working hard to bring both Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu for Android to market

It is a fact, isn't it, that Ubuntu is used and appreciated all over the world, appreciation and respect generated by both millions of users and companies, basically, Ubuntu has created a full-fledged computer-related experience enjoyed in countries like China, India, USA, etc, as well as in our of-living places.

Recently, the CEO of Canonical, Jane Silber, has been interviewed, talking about interesting up-to-date Ubuntu goals, to-be-followed directions and inner/internal considerations.

At the very beginning of the interview, Jane Silber affirmed/strengthened a relevant base used by the developers while innovating, creating, improving Ubuntu: "We didn't invent user experience testing in any way, but we are believers in a user-centered design ethos", statement (its psychological ground) constantly seen on talks/discussions of Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu developers, community members, Linux legends (like Linus Torvalds), etc, user-centric pattern that keeps its (being used in) present attitude.

It seems that Ubuntu Software Center has started to move towards a positive direction, "It's going very well. We don't have 100,000 applications like some other platforms do, but it's growing at a healthy pace and we're seeing it really being a draw for the app developers".

Along with the focus on the desktop, Ubuntu has been deployed in 1,600 schools and 50,000 Ubuntu desktops (in South Africa), approach aimed at reaching 2 million persons.

Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu for Android have attracted a solid amount of positive reactions (across the latest months), yet, at the moment, there hasn't been official releases yet.

Nevertheless, the developers are working hard on releasing (probably in the near future) Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu for Android.

Canonical is to develop the software, while the hardware to be selected from various hardware manufacturers: "Our go-to-market plan is absolutely through a hardware vendor. We're not going to start making and selling hardware ourselves. We are working to line up those engagements to bring us to market, and because it's their product and not ours, I can't give accurate timelines on that."