[Inspired by Ubuntu] The design story behind the Notes app

In order to generate, maintain and develop the Ubuntu operating system, numerous and numerous designers and developers are working hard, massive energy shaped around ideas, concepts, plans, goals.

As clearly observed in Ubuntu, various Ubuntu components are created on top of a worked-on-detail design ground, approach that allows developers to bring in the open (at the surface) software rooted in a solid set of design iterations, finally followed by the actual code creation and official publishing processes.

The above design-wise attitude (when presented) may enrich aspiring designers and developers' attitude towards app creation, providing behind-the-scenes testimonials that expose how professionals handle the creation of exciting applications.

Behind the scenes: Notes is an interesting article published by Ubuntu's Christina Li, User Experience Designer, where the designer explains step-by-step the creation of the recently released Notes (Notepad-qml) utility.

Following a from-a-design-point-of-view narrative line, the article immerses the reader into Why it is needed, The brief (in brief), Sketching and brainstorming, Exploring the best ideas and Detailed design, drawing a map of optimal points, useful when dealing with app design.