Many players make mistakes when they don’t understand how the RNG works. This article will help you avoid these common mistakes and increase your chances to win big cash payouts.

Random Number Generator

Every slot machine contains an (RNG), a microchip that generates numbers combinations at about a hundred per second, even when the device isn’t being used.

These random numbers represent the positions on the machine’s reels. You are only spinning the reels to create visual effects.

The player sees the reel positions corresponding to the sequence’s last set of random numbers at the spin.

What are the most common mistakes made by players?

These are the most popular and how the RNG influences them:

1. Slot Machine System

Many players believe that they can predict the next spin using mathematical systems.

Slots are a game of chance, and the RNG makes it a game of chance. There is no way to predict when the next jackpot will be due.

The exact moment you play determines whether or not you win.

Although the RNG may not be random, you can’t predict the sequence. Even if the RNG were performing 100 calculations per second, the odds of hitting the pay at the exact moment of a winning spin is slim to none.

Never play a slot machine!

2. Look at the reels, and calculate your odds

The number corresponds with the symbols on the reel. Even though there are many symbols on each spin, you can see hundreds of virtual stops.

Let’s say a player can see 15 reels. Then, he calculates the odds using these steps:

15 x 15, x 15, 1:3,375 However, this is only a part of the odds. The virtual stops that the player doesn’t see are 100 per reel.

It would be 100x100x100x100, or a chance of 1,000,000 if it was 100 reels. The payback for a machine is generally greater than the number of virtual stops.

The odds of winning a big jackpot are low because the money to finance it must come from somewhere.

3. The Machine hasn’t paid in a while, and it is due for a payment back

The payback percentage and payout frequency are longer-term, so it is not due for payout immediately.

The RNG is a more long-term calculation. There is no reason it cannot go on for a while without paying out. It can also play multiple payouts at once.

4. You can increase your chances of success by playing fast

It is not a benefit to playing the machine faster.

The RNG will produce hundreds of numbers between spins for even the fastest players. Unfortunately, there are no players who can play more than 100 spins per second so take your time.


  • The RNG is a marvellous piece of technology that makes every slot machine a game.
  • These common mistakes are based on the belief that you can predict what happens to slots.
  • Increase your chances of winning in slots
  • Slots are a purely random game, but there are sensible ways to play them to increase your chances of winning.

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The unpredictability of slot machines makes them an enigma. That very capriciousness necessitates employing strategies to maximize your odds of winning. One such stratagem revolves around the astute management of your bankroll. Ever heard of the saying, “Don’t bet the farm?” It encapsulates the idea of limiting your potential losses during a gaming session. It’s like a safety net, preventing you from financial ruin while allowing for sustained play.

The devil is in the details when selecting a slot machine. Each gadget has its unique payout table, a roadmap detailing the potential winnings for different symbol combinations. Think of it as the device whispering its secrets to you, revealing which promises the sweetest rewards.

But here’s something you might overlook: the boon of playing the maximum coins. The mechanics of this principle are simple yet compelling. Some machines show generosity by offering a significantly inflated jackpot when you go all out with your coins. For instance, a machine pays 200 cash for a two-coin play but showers you with 1,000 coins for a three-coin play. If your purse allows, why not go for gold and reap potentially higher returns?

The tale takes a slight twist when we talk about progressive slots. The golden rule? Always, and I repeat, always play the maximum number of coins. That’s usually the only ticket to the progressive jackpot bonanza.

Finally, amidst the strategies and nuances, you must tip your hat to Lady Luck. Despite your best-laid plans, success at slots is essentially her gift. Remember to keep the fun alive, wear a positive attitude, and relish the game. After all, the potential to bag a big payout is just one aspect of the gaming experience.

So, there you have it! While the RNG adds an unpredictable twist to slot machines, making them pure games of chance, a comprehensive understanding of the game and tactical strategies can elevate your game, making it not just about winning but also about the thrill of the play.