How to enable desktop notifications in VLC

VLC is probably the world's most advanced video player featuring a colossal amount of functionalities paired with a massive set of tweakable options.

As a consequence, the user is able to in-depth tweak the versatile player, easily affecting its look, feel, filters, etc as well as its desktop integration.

In the latter fits perfectly the available yet not-enabled-by-default notification support, built-in notification system that can align VLC to the desktop.

Enabling the notification support for Ubuntu 13.10's VLC 2.0.8 is as simple as:

  • launch VLC and navigate to VLC-->Tools-->Preferences
  • check the All field (in order to expose VLC's advanced configuration view)
  • click on Control interface and check LibNotify Notification Plugin, action that enables the notifications for VLC
  • optionally, click on Control interface (therefore, expanding the entry)-->Notify and adjust the Timeout (ms) value, value used per notification (each notification will be displayed for the set value amount of time)

The result: opening now a video clip with VLC, triggers a desktop notification, opening a music track with VLC, displays a desktop notification, notifications filled with title, thumbnails,--when available--, etc.

VLC 2.0.8 is available for installation via Ubuntu Software Center