How to easily group items featuring their own mini Dash on the Unity launcher with Drawers

Drawers is handy utility that allows one to easily group items (file, folders, applications, etc) as related to a child-like drawer, located on the Unity launcher, via an easy-to-use easily graspable usage behavior.

Along with the eyecandy interface, featuring a chameleonic mini Dash (that borrows the desktop wallpaper's average color, thus being consistent with Unity), Drawers offers a numerous amount of use cases:

  • group applications: after the newly created drawer is launched, thus situated on the Unity launcher, in order to add applications to it, click&hold&drag&drop applications onto the drawer's opened Dash, applications located under /usr/share/applications, .local/share/applications or apps (.desktop files) located inside folders, on the desktop, etc, basically, every application except dragging&dropping from the Unity's Dash. Drawers offers an expandable Dash, consequently, adding more and more applications, increases the size of the Dash, thus allowing the user to add numerous desired application.

  • group preferred links: web links can be added by simply dragging&dropping links onto the drawer (the Unity launcher icon) and/or into its opened Dash (behavior accepted for folder, files, etc), as such: navigate to, for instance, Firefox's addressbar, double-click on the web address (in order to highlight it), then drag&drop it onto the drawer and/or its Dash, and/or click&hold&drag&drop directly a link from a webpage and repeat the adding scenario, etc. Clicking on an drawer Dash's added link, opens it via the default web-browser.

  • group documents, items that, when clicked, are opened via their default file handlers (such as DOC with LibreOffice, PDF with Evince, etc), consequently, the drawer acts as a quick place from where user relevant documents are 1-click away accessed

  • group media files

  • group folders

Details about installation are available on http://www.iloveubuntu.net/create-bundles-files-and-folders-unity-launch...

Worth mentioning
The mentioned use cases can be easily corroborated, meaning, the application support mixing various file formats, folders, applications, etc, on the same drawer.