How to create a Wikipedia lens (official tutorial)

Wikipedia lens

Ubuntu's Unity lenses provide an easy-to-use fast way to gather, explore, search and open a multitude of contents both from the local computer and from numerous online web places.

The developers, along with the official documentation, are creating interesting useful "info sources" from where users to create, understand and master how, why, where of the Unity lenses.

Days ago, we presented the simple yet complex tool Hello Unity, that presents in an easy-to-understand manner how to integrate an application into Unity (with "live" applied examples backed by highlighted code with proper explanations).

Another interesting step towards the above example-based approach is the Wikipedia lens, a lens created via an in-depth step-by-step tutorial, tutorial that takes the user from basics (requirements) to creating a project, building code and using the actual lens.

The tutorial is available on http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/04/how-to-create-a-wikipedia-unity-lens...