Handy Nautilus Actions suite enriched with new scripts and separate packages

Weeks ago, we presented a handy suite of Nautilus scripts, packed in a single package, that, once installed, offer quickly right-click access to numerous actions, such as open as root, resize, calculate size, etc.

Nevertheless, there are users who prefer to use only a part of those actions, not the whole suite, like for instance only open as root.

Nautilus Actions Extra's author, following the above mentioned logic, added in the same PPA separate actions with their own package, allowing separate installations of various Nautilus actions, furthermore, the PPA has gained additional fresh useful scripts.

How do we install Nautilus Actions one-by-one?
First, add the PPA (Oneiric, Precise)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nae-team/ppa

sudo apt-get update

Then, install the desired packages

  • Nautilus Advanced Menu

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-advanced-menu

  • Nautilus Checksum Menu

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-checksum-menu

  • Nautilus Emblemize (it is automatically installed with Nautilus Advanced Menu)

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-emblemize

  • Nautilus Execute

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-execute

  • Nautilus Gedit

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-gedit

  • Nautilus Hide

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-hide

  • Nautilus Imgizor

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-imgizor

  • Nautilus Multimedia Menu

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-multimedia-menu

  • Nautilus Refresh

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-refresh

  • Nautilus Renamer

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-renamer

  • Nautilus Search

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-search

  • Nautilus Wallpaper Changer

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-wallpaper-changer

Finally, restart Nautilus

nautilus -q

Bugs can be reported on https://bugs.launchpad.net/~nae-team

The team is open for development and suggestions on http://launchpad.net/~dr3mro