GTK+3 Ambiance and Radiance have landed in Oneiric Ocelot

Ambiance and Radiance, Ubuntu's light themes, have been finally ported to GTK+3. The new updated version ( has just landed in Oneiric and, surprise, not only Ambiance, but also Radiance has been ported to GTK+3.

First of all, this first release is mainly about porting this themes to GTK+3, so, no major changes now, but:

  • Nautilus's background color is different from Nautilus 2.3.x's
  • there are only two navigation icons (no "Up" icon, etc)
  • the statusbar is disabled by default, but a new on-demand "statusbar" is available (when an item is clicked)
  • Ambiance still have the black border (it seems that in the Oneiric cycle the windows will be border-less)
  • there are minor color changes (look carefully when you type a password, search entries's borders are more visible, etc)

If you want to see the new GTK+3 Ambiace and Radiance, you must (at the moment) manually select them via dconf-editor:
first, install dconf-editor

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

then, launch it via "Alt+F2" by typing dconf-editor
and go to org-->gnome-->desktop-->interface-->in "gtk-theme" click on "Adwaita" and type "Radiance" or "Ambiance", press "Enter"