GNOME-Shell 3.2 to probably feature awesome goodies

Starting from its beginning, GNOME-Shell has had a polished look and feel, but also a noticeable lack of features.

Obviously, if we are looking at what the developers are doing, this is not the end version of GNOME-Shell, but a "young" one which gains new features constantly.

GNOME-Shell 3.2 will probably feature:

  • notification counters able to display your unread emails number (no need to go to your particular email client)
  • persistent workspace switcher (when you have more than one workspace in use, the workspace switcher is visible)
  • transparent window picker (Windows 7-like stylish decoration to windows when in Activities Overview)
  • new fancy login dialogs
  • integrated contacts search into the "main" search area
  • enhanced user menu with an interesting "Do Not Disturb" ON/OFF
  • and much more