GNOME redesigned applications to probably land the near future

GNOME applications are to receive major updates probably in GNOME 3.4.

GNOME 3.2 introduced GNOME Documents and GNOME Contacts, places that globally incorporates in a fancy interface one's documents and contacts.

The new designs are quite interesting and, it seems that take Nautilus' power and act like a specialized place for displaying, managing and editing only particular "stuff" (Mus8ic only music files, Photos only images, etc).

What is new in the GNOME design?

  • Music displays, organizes and plays your music filtered by Artists, Albums, Song
  • GNOME Dictionary a simple interface with link support (clicking on a link, which is a response to your entered word creates a bar with history) and pronunciation
  • GNOME Credentials usable for numerous types of authentication (Flickr, GMail, etc)
  • Oops is a beautifully designed app for managing technical reports, such as various crashes
  • improved Network Panel adding extra useful info

The whole list with the upcoming GNOME changes can be checked here