GNOME Maps 3.10 arrived in Ubuntu 14.04's Ubuntu Software Center

GNOME Maps is an interesting maps application adopting an eye-catching yet lightweight look & feel, immersing the user into a browsing-the-planet experience.

Essentially, GNOME Maps comes with support for zooming in/out through a global map (powered by OpenStreetMap), while the mouse cursor is to be used to drag and move through and towards regions, countries, cities, etc.

Launching GNOME Maps, the user is to notice its minimalist appearance, a vast percentage of the window is covered by the actual map, aspect making its map content visible and properly fitting into the desktop.

The top-middle area features a search field, allowing the user to search, for example, for cities, action enabled with automatic nature.

Meaning, typing berlin, summons a drop-down from where the user is to select a preferred matched result, clicking on a result, automatically shifts to the selected entry's location on the map, thus the map centers now the city previously-selected by the user.

By default, GNOME Maps uses a Street view, yet, navigating to the top-right's cog-->Satellite, renders the map as seen through a satellite with more natural colors and geographical representations.

As available menu, GNOME Maps contains I'm here! (moves the red marker to a preferred location) and What's here?, latter encapsulating related informations into a fancy tooltip (for example, right-clicking on a place-->What's here?, displays various informations,--such as nursery school--, into a tooltip).

GNOME Maps' usage is both pleasant and fast, the app renders the map with a noticeable speed, while maintaining the same agility when redrawing the map, aspect permitting an overall comfortable and enjoyable experience.

GNOME Maps 3.10 arrived recently in Ubuntu 14.04's Ubuntu Software Center, therefore, the users of the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be able to install the handy maps application 1 click-away.