GNOME Games project: CALL FOR HELP


Although they are relative small, GNOME Games have been entertaining us in the last years, but "unfortunately over time the games have struggled to keep up with the latest GNOME technology due to the time required to do this".

Consequently, these great games have slipped into a gray area and haven't evolved as they should.
Nevertheless, from the total of 15 games maintained by the GNOME Games project, various GNOME developers picked eight games that are to be transformed into a modern experience (as UI, programming language, etc).

Chess, Five or More, Mines, Iagno, Mahjongg, Sudoku and Swell Foop are to be ported to Vala and GSettings and taken through various objectives (updated artwork, new game screen, networking, etc), furthermore the progress is kept up-to-date.

If you want to help, take a look here by clicking the links in the progress image (non-coding task such as documentation and artwork are welcomed too).