GNOME 3.2 released

GNOME 3.2 final has just been released, "since the last version, 3.0, approximately 1270 people made about 38500 changes to GNOME".

What is new in GNOME 3.2?

  • support to preview your files in Nautilus in a fancy polished way
  • Online Accounts can be used automatically by Documents, Contacts, Empathy, Evolution, etc
  • Web Application (the ability to "Save as Web Application" a web-page in Epiphany and used it as a separate window)
  • Contacts acts like a centralized place to store online contacts or within Evolution and Empathy
  • Documents helps you find, organize and view documents
  • Color Management allows you to calibrate devices to ensure the shown colors are representative
  • new login screen in GNOME-Shell
  • redesigned font chooser (if you want to see it in action, go to Gedit-->Edit-->Preferences-->Font&Colors-->uncheck "Use the system fixed width font" and click to choose another font)
  • and much, much more