GIMP 2.8 landed in Ubuntu 12.10's main repos (available via Ubuntu Software Center)


GIMP is an important application in the "open" world, app that has a slow development cycle in terms of major releases, approach that can sometimes trigger missing up-to-date packages in various Ubuntu releases, like for instance, Ubuntu 12.04, even though it is an LTS, doesn't contain GIMP 2.8 in its default repos.

Weeks ago, GIMP 2.8 final was released but, due to Precise's LTS nature, has not landed in Ubuntu 12.04's official repos.

GIMP 2.8 stable has just in landed in Ubuntu 12.10's official repos, meaning it it now certain that Quantal users will benefit the new GIMP version by installing it via Ubuntu Software Center.

Worth mentioning
GIMP 2.8 can be installed in Ubuntu 12.04 via PPA.