Free open-source physics engine QML-Box2D released, opens the door for interesting-games creation

It is now a clear fact that Ubuntu SDK is more than capable (work in progress) of creating interesting applications ranging from converters, players, educational utilities, to calculus tools and chat clients.

Moreover, the developers are progressively adding new features and capabilities for the SDK, allowing interested third-party developers to extend their app creation's horizon.

Ubuntu's Ken VanDine shared a definitely exciting news on Google+, announcing the availability of QML-Box2D packaged in a PPA.

Essentially, QML-Box2D equals QML bindings for the Box2D physics engine, thus developers are able to create games with it.

Box2D (the engine behind the original Angry Birds game) is a free open-source C++ game engine that simulates rigid bodies in a 2D environment.

Box2D comes with a solid bundle of features and abilities, including:

  • collision
    • convex polygons and circles
    • continuous collision detection
    • reliable pair management
    • contact callbacks (begin, pre-solve, post-solve, end)
    • multiple shapes per body
    • dynamic tree broadphase
    • collision categories and groups
  • physics
    • continuous physics with time of impact solver
    • persistent body-joint-contact graph
    • island solution and sleep management
    • joint limits, motors and friction
    • friction, contact and restitution
    • stable stacking with a linear-time solver
    • accurate reaction forces/impulses
    • momentum decoupled position correction
    • revolute, prismatic, distance, pulley, gear, mouse joint and other joint types

QML-Box2D is available for install/test via PPA (Raring).