First App Design Clinic successfully conducted today, interested third-party developers to submit personal designs each Tuesday

Days ago, the Ubuntu designers announced the (at that moment) upcoming availability of the App Design Clinic, essentially, a video session where the designers respond to users' creations, response materialized as step-by-step evaluations of the user-submitted designs.

Today, Wednesday, September 11th 2013, saw the successful launch of the App Design Clinic, video session where the designers discussed and analyzed two third-party applications, pointing out professional feedback related to the apps' elements, look and feel.

Basically, the video session centered a card game and a tracker, apps being traversed with feedback through their contained views, elements and built-in items.

The App Design Clinic is to be repeated each and each Wednesday, retaining the same pattern: interested third-party developers can submit personal designs (links from one's Google+ post with an image, mockups showing intended to-be-implemented-or-not-in-the-future dialogs, used typography, etc) before 1 PM UTC on each Tuesday (a day before the actual video-session) at design@canonical.com

The next App Design Clinic will happen on Wednesday, September 18th 2013, 1PM UTC.