Firefox 14 nightly received enhanced favicon behavior

Sometimes, there is a need for minor yet highly perceivable and relevant changes, in order to symbolize correct behaviors, especially when dealing with security-related approaches.

Firefox 14 nightly removed web-sites' favicons from the address bar, change performed with increasing security while browsing in mind, as such:

  • websites without SSL certificates will receive a globe icon in the address bar
  • websites that use SSL certificates without Extended Validation will display a gray-ish padlock (that indicates a "semi" state due to its lack of color strength)
  • websites with SSL certificates and Extended Validation will expose a green padlock next to the certificate owner's organization name (thus being the only behavior that displays it)

"While the favicon can represent a piece of a site’s identity, there are some sites that set their favicon to a padlock. This behavior can trick users in to thinking that a site is using a secure connection when on an unsecured connection".