Firefox 14 nightly build adds new fancy home page

After a teasing period when various mockups circulated the internets, starting days go, real code has begun to land in Mozilla Firefox nightly, meaning the mockups are progressively being implemented.

Consequently, Firefox 14 nightly build (the regular build, not a specific UI version) gained a fancy beautiful new home page with a neat white-ish bottom bar.

The new bottom bar features big monochrome icons, allowing easy access to bookmarks, history, settings, add-ons, downloads and sync.

Displayed as a separate button (approach strengthened by its bigger size and vertical exposed text), Restore Previous Session is to serve as a quick way of summoning the last session.

The monochrome buttons are clickable and operational, hitting a button will reveal its according action, displayed with the "old" theming as separate components (like for instance, clicking Downloads will summon the separate downloads dialog, not the "new" attached dialog from the top-right corner).