Fancy Compiz maximizing animation finally landed in Ubuntu 13.04

Two years ago, the developers published an eye-catching window management ability, introducing a fancy Compiz effect for maximizing and semi-maximizing windows, animation that renders the content of the to-be-maximized window into the area where the maximized window is to be positioned.

Basically, (like for example) clicking & holding & dragging a window against a screen edge (such as top or left), transforms the window into a modified resized window prior to its actual maximization.

Along with its high-level of user-friendliness (maximizing a window is more clear and intuitive), the mentioned animation adds a modern, polished and classy look & feel to the desktop, removing the "old" monotonous animation.

After numerous and numerous speculations (will arrive, will not arrive, has been abandoned, etc), the Compiz animation has just landed in Raring Ringtail,--via the regular updates--, allowing users to enjoy its elegance and stylish attitude.