Fancify your GNOME Terminal with ASCII art

GNOME Terminal is a powerful tool useful for executing various commands, commands that can vary related to the possessed knowledge level and can be used according to one's amount of informations (versed users can use the terminal for a huge base of actions, yet newcomers can use this command line tool to easily add a PPA via copy & paste).

GNOME Terminal can be easily visually enriched for users who cherish and appreciate ASCII art (it will be displayed every time the terminal is opened), furthermore, displaying ASCII symbols when the terminal is opened, adds a pleasant look and feel of "geekness".

The result is

How do we apply ASCII art into the terminal?
There are numerous ways of generating ASCII art, including specialized software and manual building, but, there are also web-sites that generate ASCII art by simply entering the desired name.

  • first, we need to generate/create the ASCII "code": visit this web-site, type a desired name and copy the "live" generated ASCII result
  • then, create a text file named art and paste into it the above mentioned generated ASCII result
  • copy the art file in your home folder (navigate here by clicking Nautilus sidebar's Home)
  • open the .bashrc file (to make it viewable, press Ctrl+H) and paste on the bottom of the page

    cat art

Worth mentioning
The above mentioned site contains hundreds of different fonts for generating ASCII that feature various sizes, 3D-look, etc.