Familiarize yourself with Juju and MAAS via "Top 12 Questions about Juju" and "Top 10 Questions about MAAS"

Ubuntu is a vast project being continuously expanded across all areas of IT, covering relevant portions of the computing universe.

While most of the users perceive Ubuntu as a desktop operating system, Ubuntu contains a family of operating systems with their related technologies, knowledge and capabilities.

Meaning, in addition to the desktop, Ubuntu is a major player in the cloud at a global scale, introducing and making available in the open innovative technologies and manners of deploying, managing and using large clouds and hyper-scaled environments.

MAAS and Juju are core pieces of Ubuntu's expansion into the cloud, Ubuntu technologies permitting modern, accurate and solid cloud capabilities and actions.

Top 12 Questions about Juju and Top 10 Questions about MAAS are two mini-books aimed at familiarizing newcomers with important informations about the mentioned powerful technologies, 2-pages-long PDF documents presenting easily-digestible relevant informations via a question & answer approach, at the end of which the freshman is to hold a basic-yet-concentrated sum of details about Juju and MAAS.

How can I use Juju with Puppet or Chef?, Can I use Juju to move services across clouds?, What charms are currently available?, What is MAAS?, How does MAAS differ from similar products?, Where can I learn more? are among the questions answered into a user-friendly manner.

The documents are available for download on http://insights.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/Top-10-Questions-about-MAA... and http://insights.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/Top-12-Questions-about-Juj...