Everpad 2.5.3 released with note-sharing support and improved All Notes window

Everpad is a handy, useful and powerful note-taking application that combines the versatility of Evernote with the user-friendliness of the Ubuntu desktop, mix expressed as a desktop-integrated Evernote-based note-taking utility.

Everpad has been updated to another meaningful release, 2.5.3, introducing interesting changes and improvements.

By default, Everpad comes with a lightweight yet filled-with-buttons note-creation window, allowing users to create serious notes with text formatting, attachments, lists, etc.

The newly released 2.5.3 version brings note sharing support, thus the user is now able to hassle-free share the content of a specific note via the Web (email, forums, social media).

Sharing a note is as simple as:

  • opening the to-be-shared note
  • hit the toolbar's Share note button, action that summons a dialog containing a link
  • clicking on Copy url copies the weblink to the clipboard (thus being available via right-click-->Paste)
  • share the link (by pasting it) on Twitter, Goggle+, webpages, etc
  • when another user clicks on the previously-shared link, the web-browser will display a proper web-view with shared by, attached images, text content, note title, etc, essentially, the full content of the note

Everpad comes with a dedicated Previews-enabled lens, meaning, users can access and search for notes via the Dash, approach refined in the Everpad 2.5.3 by the ability to enable/disable Unity Everpad lens' presence on the Dash home view; disabling the mentioned option (under Everpad appindicator-->Settings and Management-->Appearance-->uncheck Search on the home lens) disables Unity Everpad lens' items to be displayed on Dash home.

Navigating to Everpad appindicator-->All Notes, the All Notes window appears, categorizing the notes, All Notes view enhanced with search-by-tags support; via the newly implemented All Tags area, clicking on a tag, exposes in the main view only notes containing the clicked tag, allowing users to 1-click away filter all notes by tags.

The mentioned features, along with numerous and numerous bug fixes, come to deliver a definitely more strengthened Everpad release.

How do we install Everpad 2.5.3?
Add the following official PPA (Precise, Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install everpad