Epiphany Web Browser 3.6 available in Ubuntu 12.10 with speed dial-like Overview

Epiphany is a lightweight yet effective web-browser, allowing users to enjoy a modern web experience, while retaining simplicity and ease-of-use.

Months ago, GNOME developers started a serious work on refreshing Epiphany Web Browser (labeled now as both Web and Epiphany), in the sense of rewriting numerous "internal" components, as well as implementing numerous UI changes, changes essentially aimed at visually aligning Epiphany to GNOME design's current directions.

In the latest weeks, Epiphany has gone through a constant process of gaining features and refinements, such as improved fullscreen mode, redesigned webpage loading progressbar, monochrome navigation icons, monochrome "cog" icon (containing various actions), etc.

Epiphany 3.6 has landed in Ubuntu 12.10's repositories (thus being available via Ubuntu Software Center), introducing a long-awaited feature: named The Overview, this newly landed functionality introduces a speed dial-like Epiphany view, view designed with housing visited webpages in mind.

Consequently, navigating to Epiphany "cog"-->New Tab (or pressing its keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+T), opens a new tab containing visited websites, websites presented as square thumbnails with accurate preview, "title" and subtle shadows.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a thumbnail, exposes an X like icon, clicking on it, removes the thumbnail via a fancy animation; clicking on a thumbnail, opens it (similarly to a regular webpage).

The above mentioned implementation is in its early beginnings, "we are already working towards the next major release: in 6 months we expect to graduate the WebKit2 version of Web out of Beta status (deprecating the classic WebKit version) and land the next iteration of the overview as major new features".