Edit PDF and XPS files with Master PDF Editor (Ubuntu Software Center)

Articles, journals, books, novels, etc, usually labeled as documents, are items widely used for numerous benefits and use cases all over the world.

Ubuntu ships, by default, LibreOffice (full fledged office suite capable of both reading and editing documents, such as DOC, ODT, etc) and Evince (powerful PDF reader, yet lacking editing functionalities), consequently, while fully handling documents via LibreOffice, the user is to install "third-party" tools in order to edit PDF files.

Master PDF Editor is definitely a versatile PDF (and XPS) editor that, along with numerous features, comes with a noticeable ease of use, presenting the user an almost inexistent learning curve, thus being immediately helpful for both knowledgeable users and newcomers.

Its usage is as simple as opening a PDF file via Master PDF Editor-->File-->Open and:

  • edit text (titles, paragraphs, etc) by clicking on the about-to-be-changed piece of text, meaning, by double-clicking on a sentence, the sentence is "highlighted" with a rectangular black-borders area, from where the user is to type desired text, action that will add the newly typed text at the end of the highlighted sentence (in order to change specific words, navigate with the keyboard left and right key)
  • cut, copy, paste, delete words by clicking on a sentence (and thus selecting it) and again right-clicking in it
  • undo the delete, modified actions via right-click-->Undo, handy actions to revert one's mistakes
  • option to insert images, text, edit box, check box, radio button, combo box, list box, button under Master PDF Editor-->Insert, featuring support to resize the inserted items by click&hold&drag, consequently, adding a big image is to be easily resized and adjusted to one's editing needs in a matter of seconds by manually dragging its size until the desired optimal size is achieved
  • inserting an image is to be performed via Master PDF Editor-->Insert-->Image followed by setting a "landing" point for the image, by clicking on the desired point generated by the intersection of the displayed "lines" (if the landing place is not accurate, the image is to be moved by clicking&holding&dragging it)

  • navigating through PDF's pages is to be done via the top navigation icons (mouse scrolling through pages is disabled)

Along with the mentioned functionalities, Master PDF Editor comes with support to encrypt PDF files with 128-bit encryption method, bookmarks editing, fast load of both PDF and XPS file formats, page layout's tweaking, export edited bits as image (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF) with page range (all pages, pages from x page to y page, custom size, adjustable DPI, etc), display of recently used files, etc.

Master PDF Editor 1.6 is available for free in Ubuntu Software Center.