Easily monitor your data with Download Monitor (Ubuntu Software Center)

Usually, a user is "caught" between the actual desktop usage (with its local applications, files, folders) and the web-browser, navigating through millions and millions of webpages.

Nevertheless, enjoying the richness and versatility of the web, introduces the user to "facing" data plans, Internet connection plans useful to actually navigate the web; usually, the Internet data plans are unlimited and limited and/or mixed, meaning, the user can utilize an unlimited data plan at home, yet "tolerating" a limited/restricted Internet connection at work, university, school, etc, latter approach that tends to unbalance the user when navigating the web, in the sense of "prematurely" shortening the Internet availability due to the non-monitored connections.

Download Monitor is an easy-to-use handy tool that allows one to monitor Internet connections, consequently, the data is properly kept in order, thus removing the "accidental" Internet usage, responsible for data's actual expiration.

Its main view exposes the used categorized data in Monthly Usage, Daily Usage, Hourly Usage (displaying the used network data in relation to hours), furthermore, by clicking Overview, the user is presented the relevant informations with clearly-exposed text informations.

Download Monitor's usage is as simple as opening the app, setting quotas (data usage limits), actions followed by automatically generated attentions (via the desktop notification), attentions bearing a multiple-sided approach, meaning the notifications expose messages for download/upload daily/monthly exceeding behavior, properly notifying the user with accurate distinct informations (all quotas are monthly values, yet exceeding a value is daily/immediately notified, as opposed to notified only after a month-period-of-time usage).

Setting quotas is to be performed via its Unity launcher's Set Quotas, clicking on it, summons a dialog where Download quota, Upload quota and Total quota are to be adjusted; after the preferred quota values are entered, exceeding data usage (more than the set quota) is notified via notifications.

Download Monitor has definitely been designed with Unity in mind, exposing an enhanced desktop integration via enriched quicklist, HUD support and Download Monitor Unity launcher icon's progressbar (displaying the amount of left to-be-used data, consequently, the user can easily observe critical data usage).

Download Monitor is not (at the moment) updated in real-time, meaning, in order to achieve an accurate perception of used Internet data, the handy utility is to be launched on startup, action useful to clearly correctly express the quota's "state" as related to hours, days, months.

Launch Download Monitor via the Dash by typing download monitor in the search area.

Download Monitor 12.07.4 is available via Ubuntu Software Center.

Worth mentioning
Download Monitor has been created as part of Ubuntu App Showdown.