Easily enable a dashboard-like view in Ubuntu 13.04's Gedit with Dashboard plugin

Ubuntu ships as its default text editor Gedit, powerful and intuitive text editor incorporating a significant and handy amount of functionalities.

Moreover, Gedit is easily extendable with official plugins, therefore, users are able to add extra functionalities to the handy editor with gedit-plugins, a set of plugins available via Ubuntu Software Center.

Dashboard is a definitely interesting Gedit plugin that exposes a dashboard-like view in Gedit, essentially, shifting (when launched) Gedit's view to a dedicated view where recently and frequently used text files are presented.

Enabling the Zeitgeist-based Dashboard plugin is as simple as installing gedit-plugins and navigating to Gedit-->Edit-->Preferences-->Plugins-->check Dashboard, action that enables the Dashboard plugin.

Triggering it is to be achieved by hitting the Gedit's Create a new document button (or by launching Gedit), action that launches the plugin with big-sized thumbnails of recently and frequently used text files.

Furthermore, the useful plugin comes with search support, typing a word in the search area, exposes a properly listed set of matched results, double-clicking on a result, opens the result in Gedit.