Drawers 12.07.9 released with drop-items-from-the-Unity-Dash, persistent mode, new configuration options and bug fixes

Drawers is an exciting handy utility useful to properly optimize one's workflow across the Ubuntu desktop, by providing an easy-to-use yet powerful ability to group, manage and access items from a Unity launcher icon, icon representing a launcher housing files, applications, images, documents, web links, etc, basically presenting itself as a mini Dash (with support to add numerous items) rooted in the Unity launcher.

Drawers is the "parent" application that, when launched, creates a child drawer, an icon on the Unity launcher featuring a double-sided approach, in the sense of being able to launch items by right-clicking on it (thus summoning its quicklist containing all of the dragged&dropped items) and/or by directly clicking on it (thus summoning its Dash) from where clicking on a displayed file, opens it with its default file handler.

Drawers has just been updated to another meaningful release, 12.07.9, introducing new functionalities, bug fixes and enhancements.

Usually, the items (apps, files, links, etc) were added into a drawer by dragging&dropping an item into its opened Dash, items dragged from the desktop, /usr/share/applications, folders, etc, approach enriched by the 12.07.9 version that adds the handy ability to drag&drop items directly from the Unity Dash into a drawer dash (drawer dash is the fancy chameleonic overlay summoned when the user clicks on a drawer), thus removing the need the navigate to /usr/share/applications in order to add apps into it, and/or to locate various files (such as locating recently or frequently used document files in order to make them always visible in a drawer).

Drawers introduced, days ago, a persistent mode, meaning, activating the persistent mode keeps the drawer Dash opened after clicking on an items (as opposed to the regular non-persistent mode, where, clicking on an item, closes the Dash), persistent mode that gained an enhanced endurance, in the sense of (when activated) being always visible (on top of other focused windows), consequently, being reachable in "busy" use cases (such as when there are numerous windows opened on the desktop).

Changing the name of a drawer is as simple as opening the Preferences and modifying the displayed name.

Preferences offers an in-depth customization support, customization process easily revertable by clinking the Reset button, button that reverts the setting to their default state.

How do we install Drawers 12.07.9?
Add the following official PPA (Precise)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ian-berke/ppa-drawers

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install drawers

Bugs can be reported on https://bugs.launchpad.net/drawers