Disks 3.5 landed in Ubuntu 12.10 with new design

Ubuntu 12.04 is an LTS release, meaning the developers are targeting stability as the primary objective in the development cycle, approach that triggered various up-to-date GNOME apps not to be included by default in Precise.

Nevertheless, Quantal development cycle has started weeks ago, receiving updated GNOME packages, some of them via a "brutal" approach (like for instance from version 3.2 to 3.5, etc), as in the case of GNOME Disk Utility.

GNOME Disk Utility (or Disks) 3.5 has landed in Ubuntu 12.10, presenting itself with the new GNOME branding where simplicity has an important role.

Disks 3.5 structures its main actions in monochrome icons-"enabled" buttons, from where uses can access common tasks (Format Disk, Create Disk Image, Edit Partition Type, etc).