Deviantart, Wordnik, IMDB, Grooveshark, YahooStock, Google News, Wikipedia, Reddit scopes to probably land by default in Ubuntu 13.04 in the near future

The development work on Raring Ringtail started months ago, effort materialized in various fixes, improvements and refinements.

Shortly after, the developers announced potential interesting new additions, that are to land (probably) in the near future.

Among the exciting fresh new features, it seems that Ubuntu 13.04 is to enhance its default set of scopes, number approximated by various developers as 100 to-land-in-Ubuntu-13.04-by-default scopes.

Yesterday, a new project has been created on launchpad, Ubuntu Scopes, featuring a definitely interesting description, "Set of default scopes for 13.04 and beyond".

Ubuntu Scopes (the project) has been created by David Callé, an already-known and appreciated developer (creator and maintainer of Unity Torrents lens, Unity Utilities lens, Unity Wikipedia lens, etc).

A definitely interesting aspect of the mentioned project is its already-working-on code, meaning, the project already contains a number of exciting scopes: Deviantart (images), Wordnik (thesaurus/dictionary), IMDB (movies), Grooveshark (music), Yahoostock (financial), Google News (news), Wikipedia, Reddit.

The mentioned scopes (plus new additions) are to probably land in Ubuntu 13.04 in the near future.