The demand for Ubuntu continues to grow, Ubuntu already shipping in India, China, Mexico, USA, Ukraine

Since its beginning, Ubuntu has traversed a colossal full-of-surprises and achievements journey, gradually solidifying its adoption in users' homes, schools, state departments and stores, progressively populating more and more corners of the world.

Beauty, reliability, performance and solid-as-a-rock are attributes that pushed Ubuntu in the world as a major player in the computing ecosystem, Ubuntu featuring approximately 25-30 million users all over the planet.

Across the latest years, the media has witnessed and written about new and new fronts conquered by Ubuntu and its expansion in delivering freedom, openness and quality in the world, media, persons, televisions marking new and new places adopting Ubuntu and its contained qualities.

Ubuntu's Maria Bonnefon published an interesting article, presenting a set of areas of the world where Ubuntu is shipped on computers, as well as listing the exciting amount of Ubuntu partners, partners no different than the most powerful IT players.

India, China, Mexico, USA, Ukraine are places where Ubuntu is shipped as pre-installed on computers, while Asus, Dell and HP have already constructed a fruitful history with Ubuntu, solid IT players welcomed in the growing and growing area of Canonical partners.

"In the early days of Ubuntu, it was always a challenge to promote an OS that was so new and little known to the market; we were often asked ‘Ubun what…?”! Over the years, Canonical has grown rapidly, has innovated even faster and the community has spread the word all across the globe,..., The growth of Ubuntu has also been driven through our strong partnership with major hardware OEM brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer. Not only is Ubuntu generally available pre-loaded from these leading OEMs, but in many regions we’ve entered into full retail partnership with dedicated stores".