Creative developer presents an interesting LibreOffice interface concept (sustained by GTK+ 3-based real code)

Ubuntu ships by default LibreOffice, a powerful full-fledged office suite that incorporates a wide range of functionalities, features, tools, etc, bundle of functionalities constantly developed by a massive group of developers.

Since its implementation in Ubuntu, users, across the web, have generated complains related to LibreOffice's look, mainly in expression similar to "LibreOffice is great, powerful, fast, yet its look must be aligned with its features".

It seems that the LibreOffice developers are fully aware of the mentioned issues, landing user interface changes, yet bearing a refinement-like approach, rather than a radical new theme.

Elgatonegro has put together a concept suitable to be implemented in LibreOffice, in the sense of delivering a GTK+ 3 user interface that is to be used by an office suite (targeting LibreOffice).

Quoting from the author: "My idea is to share this little code", "Maybe some programmer likes this graphics interface".

As seen in the bellow clip, the interface is definitely clear, clean with proper controls and a pack of clickable buttons, latter addition acting as a second toolbar.

A definitely exciting aspect of the concept is its panel-in-panel approach, clicking on a top-right button, opens a handy sub-panel where backgrounds, sounds, themes, etc, are properly exposed and easily reachable.

The second toolbar's buttons act as triggers for specific button packs, consequently, clicking a button populates the main toolbar with related action buttons, yet removing the unnecessary buttons (used by other editing options, etc), thus keeping on the toolbar (and visible) only relevant buttons (useful to at-that-moment editing actions, clicking another button, removes them and adds new buttons on the toolbar).

The concept is "backed" by "real" code, available for download on http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ofimatica+Gnu+Sur?content=154160