Create bundles of files and folders for Unity launcher via the fancy Drawers (PPA available)

Days ago, a deviant art artist published creative mockups containing numerous optimizations, that in the artist's opinion (backed by a solid amount of feedback across the internets regarding parts of the presented mockup), are to add easiness, better perception and management process to Unity.

While the presented mockup is a mere (with potential) mockup, Drawers is a new definitely exciting project, that adds new functionalities to the Unity launcher, utility born with the mentioned mockup in mind, yet clearly adding creative original "content".

Drawers is a tool that allows one to create groups of items "rooted" in the Unity launcher, meaning, the users can easily add items to a drawer, generating a specific bundle of items.

Drawers supports folders, images, links, text files, etc, for inclusion in a bundle.

How do we use Drawers?
After launching Drawers, a dialog is summoned, requiring a name for a drawer (bundle of items), followed by typing a desired name and closing the windows, actions that automatically creates the drawer and pushes it into the Dash, from where is to be launched.

After the custom newly created drawer is launched (the custom created drawer is separate from the Drawers app/icon, latter being used only for creating custom drawers) and thus its icon is added to the Unity launcher, the user is to add items to it by dragging&dropping files, folders, images, etc, onto the drawer, process that exposes the just-added item in a mini Dash located near the drawer.

The mini Dash (featuring fancy rounded corners, black-ish texture and white-ish borders) presents the user a properly structured overlay, featuring, in its top area, the drawer's name, Edit Drawer (useful to manually modify the drawer via Gedit), close button and help.

The items are properly presented with proportioned sizes and readable text, thus eliminating the improper handling on low-sized screens, furthermore, right-clicking on a displayed item, summons a menu where further tweaking options are to be found (Edit Name, Edit Exec, Delete).

Launching a drawer item is as simple as double-clicking on the item, action that will open it via the default file manager (such as Firefox for links, Eye Of GNOME for images, etc), consequently, Drawers crosses the only-display functionality by integrating direct clickable launching process.

If, after a drawer is created and items are added to it, the user, for various reasons, doesn't want to use the visible part of a drawer, by clicking on the shutdown icon, the mini Dash is closed, yet, the items are presented via the Unity quicklist, meaning, the bundled files can be launched by right-clicking on the drawer and selecting a desired item.

The application has been designed with enhanced usability in mind, consequently, the utility allows the creation of multiple drawers simultaneously, thus generating a solid amount of use cases, such as creating a drawer specialized for office tasks (adding various images, text files, etc), creating a drawer for video editing, etc.

Creating several drawers, automatically pushes them into the Dash, in order to launch a particular drawer, type its name in the search area.

How do we install Drawers 12.07.3?
Add the following PPA (Precise)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ian-berke/ppa-drawers

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install drawers

Bugs can be reported on https://bugs.launchpad.net/drawers