Compiz 0.9.8 landed in Ubuntu 12.10 with Workspace naming and numerous fixes

Ubuntu is definitely an operating system suitable for heavy activities, when, in our workflows, we tend to use workspaces for various reasons (more space, efficiency, optimal window management with, for instance, text files on a workspace, web-browsers on other workspaces, etc, fast access, etc).

Ubuntu ships, by default, four workspaces that can be summoned by clicking the Unity launcher's Workspace Switcher, action that exposes the workspaces, clicking on a particular workspace, redirects the user to the clicked workspace.

Nevertheless, along with the mentioned access method, there are specific shortcuts bearing the same functionality, such as Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right key.

Dealing with workspaces is usually a way of enhancing one's productivity, yet, it can slip a drop of uncertainty and confusion due to their "blank" nature, meaning, navigating through workspaces can trigger confusion related to where the user actually stands (on what workspace), especially when dealing with numerous opened windows.

Compiz has been updated to another meaningful version, 0.9.8, introducing a handy plugin, Workspace Naming, that, as its name clearly suggests, allows users to name workspaces with desired names, names that feature a high usability potential and numerous usecases, like for instance, naming a workspace text-only if in that workspace the user deals only with text files, and/or coding-only specific to a coding-oriented "desktop".

Its usage is as simple as navigating to CompizConfig Settings Manager-->Window Management-->check Workspace Naming and tweaking the provided functionalities (names, Display Time, Font Size, etc).

In order to add a name for a workspace, click New under Names and set a name for a particular number, such as entering a name for the already selected number 1, adding a second name and modifying the number 1 to 2, etc.

By default, the displayed workspace names are exposed via a black-ish Dash texture-like small dialog that briefly appears on the screen, parameter that is to be modified (for extended "endurance") under the mentioned Display Time option.

Clicking the Unity launcher's Workspace Switcher and selecting a workspace, displays its name, as well as in the case of various related keyboard shortcuts.

Compiz 0.9.8 introduces, along with the mentioned plugin and numerous fixes and enhancements, a refreshed look when exposing the available workspaces.

CompizConfig Settings Manager is available for download in Ubuntu Software Center.