"Color" gains hardware detection in Ubuntu 11.10 (System Settings)

Recently, we talked about Ubuntu 11.10's interesting additions, among which, colord stands brave.

That first implementation was quite immature, meaning colord was pushed into the main repos, then a new entry, "Color", was created in the System Settings.

"Color" was (and still is) a work in progress, nevertheless, introduced a few unusable options, like profile, calibrate, but the app was unable to detect hardware.

New updates have landed in Oneiric Ocelot, bringing changes in how and what "Color" handles: this color calibration app is designed for a wide range of hardware, not only webcams, printers, etc but monitors as well.

At the moment, is unusable from an actual action point-of-view (lacks the ability to apply a color profile), but has started to detect hardware components and their statuses ("Uncalibrated", Not specified").

Probably the next updates will bring some probably predefined color profiles.