Browse/Open as root- little awesome nautilus-script

Remember gksu nautilus terminal command, type password and the time lost with it?
Now, all that it's gone with a help of a little script called Browse and edit as ROOT.
This script works with gedit to edit .txt files or with nautilus to open folders as root (for instance if you want to delete something from usr/share/themes).
The good part is that you type your password once and then you're good to go versus the "old" gksu nautilus command in terminal when you enter your root password always.

How do we install it?
Download it , right-click on it, properties/permissions/allow executing file as a program, then rename it and leave it without the .txt extension and copy the script to home/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts.

How do we used it?
Just right-click on any folder/file select scripts/Browse-open as ROOT.