Browse files and folders via Unity Filesystem Tree lens

Locating a file, opening a folder, exploring a certain folder, visualizing music tracks available in a specific location, etc, are actions usually performed via a file manager (such as Nautilus), application that allows the user to easily browse files and folders.

It is a fact that Unity, along with a powerful default official set of functionalities, gathered (and is gathering) multiple exciting qualities/attributes from creative third-party developers, qualities that may be perceived as natural-in-use (once they are implemented).

Unity Filesystem Tree lens is an interesting handy lens that exposes the filesystem in the handiness of the Dash.

Basically, the Filesystem Tree lens presents itself as an effective manner of visualizing and accessing files and folders, translating the terminal's cd command into a Dash language.

The Dash comes (by default) with a search area, search area that is used by the Filesystem Tree lens as a writable addressbar (similar to Nautilus's), allowing users to utilize the Dash as a basic yet effective file browser.

Opening the lens, exposes a "blank" view, yet, typing /, immediately displays (as matched search results) files and folders located under /.

Navigating to a folder (like for instance, Music) is as simple as typing /home/myusername/Music (where myusername is the user's username), action that exposes the Music folder.

Adding a / to the above-mentioned command, exposes the content of the Music folder (usually containing music tracks), deleting the /, returns the lens view to its initial view (where the Music folder is exposed, --without contained items--).

Unity Filesystem Tree lens features a noticeable speed (update-as-you-type), allowing the user to rapidly browse through and expose preferred items.

Clicking on a result, opens it via its default file handler, meaning, clicking on a text file, opens it via Gedit, clicking on a folder, opens it via Nautilus, etc, basically, presenting itself as a usable manner of dealing with files and folders.

The matched results are displayed with their specific icons, consequently, the user is to immediately identify preferred items (such as music tracks, text documents, etc).

How do we install Unity Filesystem Tree lens 12.12?
Add the following PPA (Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jesse-imaginaryrobots/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fstree

then, restart the computer.