Brave students revitalized old computers with Ubuntu and donated them to local orphanage

"Navigating" through life, faces one with both good and unpleasant aspects of life, latter aspect manifested via multiple expressions, in which poverty plays (at the moment) an important role.

While discussing numerous causes of inequalities across the world, it seems that (sometimes) action is definitely more important, action rooted in a double-sided approach, both "physically" decreasing the inequality between human beings (regardless of age, nationality, possessed knowledge level, etc) and also "psychologically", in the sense of "pushing" (along with the physical help) inward humanity-related values into the helped human beings.

Brave students from Escuela Bella Vista gathered old low-spec computers and revitalized them with Ubuntu, operating system suitable to generate "life" into old yet usable machines, with the main purpose of donating the Ubuntu-based computers to a local orphanage.

Joined by the Ubuntu Reforming Life initiative, courageous and passionate students decided to "draw" a scent of happiness into the children's hearts, furthermore, establishing and implementing a key point of the mentioned initiative: "teaching the kids at Salvation Army how to use Ubuntu Computers and know what they are made of".